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Happy Monday Funday! Yes I am definitely making that a thing 🙂  Monday Funday posts are reserved just for my personal stories on the blog and I will try to keep things as light as possible for you, since it is a Monday after all.

Today I want to talk about how we handled our first year of having 2 birthdays within less than a week of each other for our kids. Eva was born just 6 days after Ben turned 2. Yep, we live that crazy life! I could (and probably will) write more than a few blogs about these kiddos being so close in age.

But first the birthday situation.

When we found out their birthdays were so close, we were excited because, hey we could get away with 1 birthday party for at least a few years! Also, Nathan and I both have winter birthdays so we were excited for our kids to have summer birthdays and all the fun, outdoor things we could do for them.

As we started planning their party, I quickly realized I had a strong desire to make sure that each of them felt celebrated in their own special way, despite planning one party. So here are a few things we did, to make sure each of them felt individual attention on their days and even their dual party.Springfield IL Photography

  1. Each of them got one on one time with us. Ben’s birthday fell on a Saturday this year, so we took some time off work the Friday before and took him to the Kidzeum, we got some lunch and just had individual play time, while Eva went to daycare for the day. Eva’s birthday was on a Friday, so again we took some time off work and just gave her all of the attention all day long. She is just turning 1 so we didn’t do much outside of just being with her and playing with her. She loves the pool so we got the kiddie pool out and let her play all by herself.
  2. While we had one party, we still did separate themes. Ben loves to watch Blippi, a character that does educational videos on You Tube, so his theme was the Blippi colors, blue and orange. Blippi’s website also sells party packs, so we had some plates and cups with Blippi on them. Eva’s theme was “Donut Grow Up”. I used a lot of pink and white for her and we of course had donuts for a dessert! I had two sets of balloons tied outside to decorate and decorated our two storage benches in the house in each of their colors.
  3. To go along with separate themes, each of them had their own cake. We sang Happy Birthday twice and they each had their little moment. Coming from a family with birthdays all bunched together, we will do this until they are old enough to not care about their cake. My dad, my sister, myself and my nephew all have birthdays within 10 days of each other, so the family birthday cake is loaded with names now 🙂 Someday they will share a cake but for awhile we will do separate.

These are the main things we did to make sure their individual birthdays felt special to them. Of course on their actual birthday, they each received their gifts from us and we did a special meal. So they really had a great time and we did LOTS of celebrating! I so look forward to what the years bring for our July’s and all of the different things we can do to make their birthday’s awesome.

Showing me how old he is!

Springfield IL PhotographySpringfield IL Photography

My favorite of my not so little man!

Springfield IL PhotographySpringfield IL PhotographySpringfield IL PhotographySpringfield IL Photography


And now our sweet little princess!

Springfield IL PhotographerSpringfield IL PhotographerSpringfield IL Photographer


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