Springfield IL Newborn Photography ~ Baby N ~

I just have to start this off to let you all know one very, very important fact. FACT. Baby N’s mom, Laura, is a freaking ROCK STAR! 

Not only is she doing the mom thing alone, now to 2 babies, while her husband is training in the Navy. But, she was that super strong woman who had to pull over and deliver Baby N in the Scheels parking lot. 

There is not much to the story really. It went fast and we are all just thankful that everyone was okay. While, it makes for a good viral story, I don’t think I know any woman who could say that having that happen to you, would be a pleasant experience. But she came to their newborn session, 5 days later, like nothing had happened. 

Baby N was a dream and slept nearly the entire time. And big sis is so proud of her little brother


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XOXO~ Megan

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