Ashley ~ 2020 Grad Session ~ Springfield Illinois Senior Photography

This beautiful AC Central 2020 senior is going places! Ashley & her mom Carmen, who joined us for her Grad Session, were just perfect to work with. We met at Washington Park in Springfield & we all just immediately got along so well! Not that we needed an ice breaker, but something happened pretty early on into Ashley’s session that had us all giggling. Ashley is obviously very pretty and as we began her photos, we both noticed a young man just hanging out nearby & well, he was watching us. Not in a super creepy way, but he was definitely watching.  I assumed he was waiting for someone or maybe he was getting his own senior photos taken there. We ignored him BUT as we went to walk to the next location, he approached. We all kind of knew what was about to happen & I tried to make eye contact to deter him but he just ignored me, walked right up to Ashley and asked for her phone number! In the most gentle way, she let him down easy and went on our way. We had a couple chuckles & commended him for his bravery (I mean her mom was RIGHT there!) but this was really the perfect way to loosen everyone up. Thanks kid!

Unfortunately for the random red haired teen in the park, Ashley has a boyfriend, whom she met at the Guard! Yep, Ashley is already part of the Guard &  has plans after she graduates to head off to Basic Training. Her goals are to be in the military police and eventually become a State Trooper. See, she IS going places! I loved that she incorporated her uniform into her session.

I know her mom is so proud of her. Heck, I am proud of her and we just met! Part of me wishes I had her dedication and drive at such a young age! Congratulations Ashley & enjoy your senior year 🙂

XOXO- Megan


  1. Carmen Smith says:

    We had a great time with Megan she is very nice and does a great job takeing pictures of my daughter Ashley. She is selling to work with you and always has ideas. I will have her do pictures again for me and my family. I also recommend her for you and your family. Thanks Megan.

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