Ashley & Josh ~ Springfield IL Maternity Photography ~ Washington Park

One of the best ways to support a small business, especially one that creates all of their own products, is by sharing their work. Whether it be a baker, painter, photographer ect. We all appreciate it so much when someone helps spread OUR word. These people are who I call my “cheerleaders”. They like everything I put on facebook, share a lot of it, are always referring people my way when they know someone needs a photographer. My sisters are two of my cheerleaders and I am so proud to say, these gorgeous images are a result of all of the shares my sister Rachel does. 

Quite a few years back, my sister & Ashley became friends when they lived in the same apartment building. Their friendship continued after they both moved on from their apartments & a couple of years ago, Rachel added a little one to their coffee meet ups. And now, Ashley is about to do the same. Maintaining and nurturing a friendship can be a challenge once you have entered the baby phase. Lack of time is usually the big reason for this. 

But, keeping those friends close can be life saving. When you can have someone to just talk to about what you are living through. Vent about the kids. Or not talk about the kids at all! Because they are usually the center of attention once they arrive. Having someone who knows what you are living through or understands why you just need 5 minutes without any sounds. Someone who can remind you that, oh hey, I do have a life outside of the endless supply of feedings, diapers, laundry, dishes ect. Even just someone who asks how YOU are doing, instead of just focusing on the baby. These are the friendships to keep and someday will be your lifeline! 

Ashley & Josh were stunning at their maternity session. Ashley took advantage of my maternity dress closet & chose my favorite dress from Chicaboo, in navy. We managed to hit Washington Park at the perfect time, with SO many gorgeous fall leaves. It was a bit busy this day & I may or may not have had to “hold” our last spot while they changed clothes, but it was so so worth it. 

Ashley & Josh, enjoy these last photos as a family of 2, I can’t wait to capture you as a family of 3!

XOXO~ Megan

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