Baby Lawson ~ Springfield IL Newborn Photography

I have a major confession to make. I did not get newborn photos taken when my kids were born. I know, I know, how did I, the photographer not get newborn photos taken?!?! Because honestly, the thought of going ANYWHERE after having our first child, terrified me. I mean, I was still trying to figure out what to do with him, let alone travel in public with him. And with our second? While I was much better about traveling with kids at that point, she was now #2. Which meant I was outnumbered. So again, my outings were limited to the bear necessities.

But had I realized how little effort it would have actually taken me to get newborn photos done, I probably would have done it. People just come over & essentially hand off their baby to me. I wrap him or her up and hopefully we get started right away, while they sip on some coffee and hang out with me in the studio or area or watch HGTV in my recliner in the living area. The come in to the studio area for a few family and parent photos and then back to relaxing, wherever they want to. They may do a feeding here or there but otherwise they just get a few baby free moments to relax a bit.

Baby Lawson was such a gentleman during his session with me. I don’t think he even cried once, even though he was awake for a good portion of his session. We did manage to get him to doze off just enough to get some good sleepy photos though. Enjoy some of my favorites!

I am now booking January & February newborn sessions. I take a very limited amount of newborns per week, so it is never too early to get your session scheduled! For all the details, message me here.

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