Emily & Mikel ~ Married ~ Central Illinois Wedding Photography

Have you ever been invited to a wedding and just know the reception is one you can’t miss? That the couple getting married are just so cool and fun and you know the reception will be a blast. That is what Emily & Mikel’s wedding was like. The wedding ceremony was held at Tallula Christian Church (which if you aren’t familiar with the area, Tallula is a town of maybe a couple hundred people. A blink and you miss it town). The reception that followed was held at Roots in Petersburg, which I really think is just a gem of a venue. The inside is gorgeous and the pond and landscape outside is a perfect backdrop for photos.

Emily got ready at her parent’s house, located in the country near the venue’s. We were able to get all of her bridal party and family photos right in her parents backyard. Mikel and his guys all got ready at The Loft on the Square  in Petersburg and after snapping a few photos in the loft, we went downstairs to Hand of Fate, the local brewery. Emily and Mikel love this place and it is actually where we all had our first meeting, before the wedding. They even provided beer at the reception!

Oh yeah, that reception. Once the music from Street Light DJ Service started, it was hopping! I don’t think I have ever shared so many reception photos in a blog before, but there were just way too many good ones. But my favorite part was the moment Emily & Mikel presented a special gift to Emily’s family. I will explain that later though, but for now, enjoy some (okay a lot) snippets of their wonderful day!

In discussing their wedding day, Emily told me how she wanted to present a special gift to her family. I wasn’t quite sure what to think when she told me the gift was a giant inflatable snowman but I come from a family that has their quirks, so I just rolled with it :). And, this thing was huge!

Emily & Mikel, thank you so much for choosing me and letting me in on the most special day of your lives. I truly enjoyed it. XOXO~ Megan

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