Vendor Spotlight ~ Springfield IL Wedding Photographer ~ BelleAme ~ Makeup Artist

From a girl who swore she would never wear makeup, to a young woman who is slaying the makeup game! Her first makeup experience was like most of us 80’s babies, blue glitter. Thankfully the trends have changed but Jessica’s desire to transform through makeup has only gotten stronger. She has been a freelance makeup artist for 8 years now and is truly one of the best I have had the privilege to watch in person.

Jessica has done MY makeup for my sisters wedding (she did the whole bridal party), makeup for a recent bride AND she herself will be a Megan Stotts Bride coming up this fall. We just keep crossing paths along the way so I knew she was the perfect makeup artist to feature. We met downtown Springfield for a few brand photos and talked all things entrepreneurship.

Growing up, Jessica was the one to do all of her friends makeup for school dances and now her most favorite occasion to do makeup for is weddings. She loves giving her clients that Goddess moment, which is different for each person. Her motto is, “It is your face” and she takes pride is making your makeup vision come to life for your wedding day.

Consultations come at no charge and she does her best to coordinate it around your bridal shower, bachelorette party or engagement session. This is so you can actually wear the look and see the makeup in photos. She wants to make each person feel their most beautiful and loves the moment a client sees their finished look in the mirror for the very first time. It is a moment filled with pure exhilaration and emotion at the beauty looking back at them.

To schedule your own consult for your wedding, shower, school dance, gala, boudoir session (we are doing some of those soon, to book yours, go HERE!) or date night, head over to Jessica’s page and message her.

To get to the BelleAme Facebook Page, click HERE.

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