Farm Engagement Session ~ Central Illinois Wedding Photographer

I have gotten SO BEHIND on blogging some of my sessions! So this will be the first of MANY new blogs coming your way over the next couple weeks. Truth be told, the real reason I got so behind was because my website platform changed and I couldn’t figure out how to log into my blog! Oops! But alas, I figured it out and am ready to share some amazing sessions!

The first up on my list is Katie & Newt’s spring engagement session! They had their session on Newt’s family farm, full of rolling hills, cows and more cows 🙂

I spent a lot of my younger years living in a rural area but I had never REALLY been on a farm. Nothing can quite prepare you for jumping out of the pickup in a field and having 30 plus cows literally RIGHT there staring and mooing at you! They watched my every move and while they kept their distance (of about 8 feet!) they followed us as much as they could. When we would get back in the truck to move to a new spot, they would just trot right after us, wondering where we were going and what we were doing. And probably hoping we were going to feed them.

As interesting as the cows were, they were not the stars of the show this day! The real stars were Katie & Newt, high school sweethearts who will be tying the knot this November! While none of us know yet what that day will look like, they KNOW they will get married on that day. There is no rescheduling their love and I LOVE that!

So settle down and enjoy some of these favs of mine from their gallery!


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