Linsey + Tim ~ Springfield IL Wedding Photography

I had a bunch of GORGEOUS engagement sessions early this summer and Linsey & Tim’s session was one of my favorites! When talking locations, Linsey mentioned she wanted to do the Rochester Community Park. She had mentioned there was an old, historic house that she thought would be good for photos. If I am being totally honest, I was not expecting us to stay here very long lol. I had vague memories of the park, but didn’t remember a house, just baseball fields. So, I knew if it wasn’t a decent fit for the session, we would snap a few and head off to a nearby location that was a bit better.

Well y’all, let me tell you, boy was I wrong! This location was just perfect! We timed the session just right so the sun was setting behind the trees and the light was AMAZING! The house, plus the large field of grass and crab apple trees, gave us the perfect combination to have many different looks, without ever leaving this little area.

So, don’t ever be afraid to mention a location that you think might be a good spot. If your photographer isn’t familiar with the area ( I am NEVER in Rochester) you might just add a new location to their list 🙂

Here are some of my favorites from their session and I just know their June 2021 wedding is going to be amazing.

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