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Springfield IL Newborn Photographer

Veteran parents can attest to the fact that once the babies are born, the constant date nights can become a distant memory. Once the baby arrives, your life and relationship are changed forever, as cliche as it sounds to say that. Having a baby is one of the most amazing and life changing moments you will have. But it is important to remember and honor life pre-baby and the person you are having the baby with!

If this is your first child, the last few months before giving birth will be the last you will spend together as JUST a couple! Soon you will be celebrating a whole new lists of “firsts”, so celebrate those “lasts” as a couple while you can. If this is not your first, take full advantage of any grandparent/babysitting you can find, to get some alone time before you add to your family.

It is never too early in your pregnancy to start checking things that have been on your “to-do” list, since the end of pregnancy can get somewhat uncomforable. So, plan the easy dates for the end. Make dating during pregnancy a regular thing and document your dates as you go! This will give you something to look back on and remember the times when it was “just the two of us.” or before you expand your broad!

Springfield IL Newborn Photographer

Springfield IL Newborn Photographer

Here are a few date ideas to hopefully help you relax, recharge and get you through your pregnancy:

1. Couples Massage

This is just the perfect way to relax and just let someone pamper you! Most facilities are equipped to handle pregnancy massage, but most only do prenatal massage after the 2nd trimester. Which is perfect because that is usually when aches and pains start showing up! Some places don’t have the space for couples massage but BJ Grand Salon in Springfield, IL has one room with two massage beds. Check them out HERE.

2. Cook Gourmet Meals Together

This is a great way to have fun together and get some yummy food in return! Hello Fresh is a great option to have gourmet meals delivered right to you. No recipe scrounging or having tons of leftover ingredients left that you will never use! Go HERE to get $40 off your first week of meals. This is a weekly subscription, so you will need to cancel it if you don’t want to receive meals at the full price after your first week, but that process is very simple! Please also note, that link is an affiliate link, so I do get credit with Hello Fresh if you use it. Just being honest 🙂 But I would never promote something that I wasn’t 1000% satisfied with!

Springfield IL Newborn Photographer

Springfield IL Newborn Photographer

3. Movie Night (or an entire day haha)

I am not ashamed to say that there were a few pre-baby days that I did nothing. Just nothing. We knew our lives were going to change soon so we took every chance to could to just be, well lazy haha. And it was phenomenal! Cuddle up on the couch and binge your current Netflix addiction. Or power through your favorite movie series (Lord of the Rings is my personal fav!). Put the phones down and just, be with each other. This is also a really good opprotunity to make some yummy snacks, just saying!

4. Visit a Botanical Garden

This is something I would probably plan to do in your second trimester, since botanical gardens can be quite large and involve a lot of walking. You will see tons of flowers and plants and depending on the time of the year you go, lots of butterflies! Botanical Gardens are always so peaceful and serene. They make the perfect stop when you are just needing to unplug from the world and relax. The Missouri Botanical Gardens, in St. Louis, MO is one of my most favorite and a quick, easy drive from Central Illinois.

Springfield IL Photographer

5. Go to a fancy dinner

I’ve said it already in this post, but life really changes after baby arrives. Not only are date night few and far between but babies can be expensive! Go out and treat yourself before the baby arrives and really go all out. Order as many appetizers as you want, don’t feel guilty for ordering the most expensive entree and of course, splurge on dessert! Cooper’s Hawk is one of our favorites but if you aren’t wanting to be around all that wine while pregnant (haha I don’t blame you!) our area has some really great fine dining options.

6. Seasonal Festivals

You will want to check with the local news publications for a comprehensive list, but take this time to check out our local events and festivals. Whether it is a Taste of Downtown, the Candlelight Walk at New Salem or the Old Capital Art Fair. Our area really has a lot to do and most of these events are family friendly, so you can attend next year with your new baby!

Springfield IL Newborn Photographer

Springfield IL Newborn Photographer


I hope some of these tips seem fun and useful! Have a baby is 100% worth it all. But, there is nothing wrong with taking time for yourselves, as a couple, before AND even after your baby comes. One day those kids will be off at college


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