Jenna + Brandon ~ Springfield, IL Wedding Photography

Man, it feels good to be writing a wedding blog again! Thanks to that little pandemic we are experiencing, this was my first wedding since February! When we met for their engagement session earlier this year, it was pretty clear that regardless of what was happening in the world, Jenna and Brandon just wanted to get married. Who can really blame them though? They had already been engaged for awhile. They had a son and were already a little family. It was time to make that all complete and perfect.

Having attended a lot of weddings, this one was one of the most laid back, relaxed group of people I have been given the opportunity to photograph. Everyone got along. They all had fun. And in the end, everyone was there to make sure this day went as great as it could be. For Jenna and Brandon.

The only mishap (if you can even call it that) was rain. The morning of the wedding, the weather forecast was showing a solid chance of rain. Right in the middle of their photos after the ceremony. Eek! Jenna had a SOLID timeline though, that gave us lots of wiggle room to work with. They had decided to have a first look, before their ceremony, then we would take some photos afterwards. And this decision paid off in a BIG way for them.

We had finished up with bridal party photos at the venue but still had over an hour before they even needed to go into hiding before the ceremony. I knew it was going to rain on us after the ceremony but I think Jenna was holding out some hope that maybe it just wouldn’t. I offered a kind suggestion to just go to the park down the road for more photos and thankfully they agreed! Because it did rain right after the ceremony! But, Jenna and Brandon have TONS of Bride and Groom photos and I am about to share SO MANY with you!

Jenna and Brandon, enjoy this little (okay major) sneak peek and I hope you are loving that married life!

Their little boy Tucker was a bit camera shy this day, but we managed to get some shots later with mom and dad. I just couldn’t help sharing these! Poor baby 🙂 Springfield IL Photographer

Jenna and Brandon had an AMAZING group of friends and family standing up with them. These guys were awesome all day!


And those beloved park photos that almost didn’t happen 🙂

Jenna and Brandon,

Again thank you so much for letting me into your special day. I hope you love these as much as I do!

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