Katie + Newt ~ Married ~ Springfield, IL Wedding Photographer

Oh, what a way to end the 2020 wedding season! What was suppose to be a very busy wedding year, ended up being filled with reschedules. Something to look forward to, right?!? But Katie and Newt knew no matter what, this day would be their day! And I am so glad they kept this day, because it was SO WONDERFUL!

A day full of rain can be sure to throw even the most steady bride off track, but really we didn’t even talk about the weather much. Okay I will admit, I checked the forecast probably 30 times that day, looking for any breaks. But we had our back up plans for photos and all was good. Because they were still getting married today! That was really just all that mattered.

There weren’t many moments where Katie and Newt weren’t smiling, showing emotions or enjoying time with those closest to them.  And this day was filled with so many special touches, I am sure I will have forgetten to mention something. Letters collected for Katie from her friends and family. The special shawl her Grandmother made and the handkerchief she gave to Katie before getting dressed. Gifts were exchanged, so many hugs and everyone was just relaxed and ready to be there, in whatever way was needed.

Katie and Newt have one of the most grounded and honest relationships that I have had the honor of photographing. They each recognize the value in what they have and what the future could possibly hold. Their morning coffee together, the vision of raising children on their farm. Living their simple, yet beautiful life together, no frills, just family, friends and each other needed.

Everyone got ready for the day at Newt’s parents farmhouse, which is just down the road from their own home. The house was filled with conversation, laughing and hugs. The girls upstairs and the guys downstairs, with just a stairwell between them. Because of the rain, we did their first look on his parents back porch (bless that porch!). While that exact spot may not have been the inital plan, how special is that though?!? Instead of a field or park, they get to remember that some of the best parts of their day happened at home. A spot they will naturally visit and be at, over and over again for years to come.

After we finished with the first look and some bridal party photos on said porch, we caught a little break in the rain! We ventured out across the yard to the pond and dock for just a few more quick photos, before heading off to the ceremony.

And at a cute, little white church, in the middle of nowhere, they exchanged their own vows to each other. Full of emotion, Newt admitted he was having trouble writing his vows to Katie. He was having trouble finding the words, to express what she meant to him and how he loved her. But a common thought had been in his mind and the morning of the wedding, as he sat down to write, all he could think was this. When Johnny Cash was asked his definition of paradise, he replied, this morning, with her, having coffee. And that is how Newt feels too. His paradise is the simple and quiet mornings, enjoying coffee with his Katie. She is his paradise.

Katie promised to always make that coffee, to be patient during spring and harvest times and to love unconditionally. The ceremony was truly beautiful and perfect.

And I know these two will just have the BEST paradise together, on their little farm in the country. It was such a great day and I know they have many, many more great days ahead. Their full gallery was delivered today, but enjoy some of these favorites of mine!

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